3 Layers Round Drip Irrigation Pipe Machine
3 Layers Round Drip Irrigation Pipe Machine
Product Details

This 3 layers Round Drip Irrigation Pipe Machine, is used to produce round drip pipe with 3 layers.Its layers distribution: 10%(outer layer)+80%(middle layer)+10% (inner layer). New materials is for inner/outer layer, recycled raw materials was applicated for middle layer,which can largely reduce the materials cost,and also can get elegant inner/outer layer surface. 

Line Model Screw Diameter L/D Production Scope Production Speed  Nominal Power
SJ-80/65 Ф80/65mm 33:1 Ф6-20mm 60m/min 105KW
SJ-45/45 Ф45/45mm 33:1 Ф6-20mm 20m/min 50KW


Composite 3 Layers Die Head Moulds


  • Die Head Material: High Quality Alloy Steel:40Cr

  • Pipe Size Range: 6mm/8mm/12mm/16mm/20mm

Punnching System

  • The round drip irrigation pipe line adopted servo mechanical punching mode;

  • 2 or 4 or 6 Holes punching

  • Punching speed: 400pcs/min


Suitable dripper modePC dripper or Non-PC dripper
Suitable dripper length30-75mm
Suitable work pressure0.1-0.32MPa
Dripper Spacing≧100mm
Production speed≧60m/min, dripper spacing 300mm
Dripper identifying speed400 pc/ min
Punching speed400 times/min     
Punching hole Number2holes
Punching rotating speed60,000 r/min
Haul-off speed≧100 m/min
Coiling speed≧120 m/min
Package100-600m per roll(φ16mm)
Nominal power131KW/h
Actual power72-79KW/h