5 Layers PERT/EVOH Pipe Machine
5 Layers PERT/EVOH Pipe Machine
Product Details

With hundreds of EVOH &PERT pipe production research and production experience, KAIDE factory bring out the hot selling PERT-EVOH-PERT pipe line, which becomes more and more popular in the floor heating market.
The produced 5 layer PERT-EVOH-PERT Pipe feature:
1 Anti-oxygen, prevent the microorganism growth.
2 Excellent thermal conductivity
3 No need cross-linking
4 hot melting, easy to install
The machine design feature:
1)Extruder    special designed screw for PERT, EVOH,Glue to ensure the best plasticizing effect, when high efficiency , high stable extrusion.
2)5 layer multilayer composite die head       No weld lines,smooth inner pipe surface, the optimal distribution melt runner, to avoid the material stuck, easy to assembled
3)Pipe coiler   with advanced tension sensor, high precision servo traversing unit, to ensure the pipe traverse even, balance.
4)PLC   Advanced Siemens PLC control system, synchronously control the whole line, easy to control and operate.
Any interest to 5 layer PERT EVOH PERT pipe line, please feel free to contact us!


Kaide Machinery is one of the well-known 5 layers pert/evoh pipe machine manufacturers in China, and you are surely worth having one. Welcome to wholesale 5 layers pert/evoh pipe machine at competitive price from our factory.