PEXA EVOH Pipe Machine
PEXA EVOH Pipe Machine
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The Pex-a composite EVOH pipe making machine mainly to produce 3 layers Pex-a /EVOH pipe, This PEXa/EVOH composite pipe is produced by two separate steps: First is single layer PEXa pipe, produced by raw extruder; Second is that outer EVOH oxygen barrier layer coating and adhesive layer, produced by co-extrusion die head with two extruders.

Line Model

Screw Diameter


Production Scope

Production Speed

SJ-30/25 x2





● Line Features

◎Advanced co-extrusion technology with two extruders and co-extrusion die head mold, which makes the composite pipe bond firmly with precise size.

◎The screw and barrel are special designed according to the property of EVOH resin. It is suitable for stable extrusion of high melt pressure of oxygen barrier resin.

◎SIEMENS PLC control system witn sync control function, easy to control that two hauling machines and two extruders.

◎Anti-UV type pipes can be produce with the same line.

● Manufactured pipe 

Advantages of EVOH oxygen barrier composite pipe:

◎Excellent non-permeability and scent preservation, good anti-ultraviolet ray and other radiations, which greatly enlarge the pipe’s lifespan and effectively avoid breeding of bacteria inner pipes.

◎This kind of pipe will have a good market prospects and wide application in the current and future time.

● Production line series

The EVOH composite Pipe Machine can produce single layer pipe, and also three-layer or five-layer,Such as :

◎ PB/EVOH pipe production line,

◎ PE-RT /EVOH pipe production line,

◎ PE-Xa/EVOH pipe production line,

◎ PE-Xb/EVOHpipe production ,

◎ PP-R/EVOH pipe production line,

◎ PA/EVOH pipe line.