4 Layers Glassfiber PPR Pipe Production Line
Product Description

PPR Glassfiber Pipe With Anti-UV layer Production Line

This pipe extrusion line is used to produce four layer PPR-Glassfiber-PPR Pipes with outer PE black anti UV layer. This kind of pipe is widely used in outer door condition, with much longer service life.

                                                       MODEL FOR PPR GLASSFIBER PPR PIPE PRODUCTION LINE
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L/D ratio
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Main Features

1) Gravimetric material feeding system is to control mateiral feeding according to pipe size and line speed, to get high qualified pipe with constant weight per meter. It also have other benefits, such as sortening start up time, saving raw material, simplifying operation. 

2) High efficient wear-resisting extruder for fiver reinforced plastic material, to guarantee the long service life and high speed extrusion. 

3) Adjustable co-extrusion die head can ensure even thickness of three layers. Each layer thickness can be adjusted freely; no need to adjust the extruder's rotation speed.

4)Multi-group rollers clamping structure hauling machine, which completely overcomes the problem of vibration 

5) SIMENS programmable PLC control with big color touch screen. Having multi-point close loop control and synchronous system.

Anti-UV PPR pipes
Detailed Images

Co-extrusion die head

Material: 40Cr high quality mould steel
Brand: KAIDE
Feature: Patented specially designed adjusted co-extrusion die head, ensuring even thickness of each layer. Each layer thickness can be adjusted freely.

Vacuum Cooling Tank

Mateiral: High quality stainless steel 304#
Feature: special desigen cavuum tank, with two different cooling method, to get more efficient cooling effect; specially designed calibrator for high speed extrusion

Hauling Machine

Hauling mothod:High wear resistant belt hauling
Features:Multi-group rollers clamping structure hauling machine, which completely overcomes the problem of vibration

Cutting Machine

Cutting method: high speed knife cutting+ dustless saw cutting
Features: Two cutting way are designed together to meet cutting requirement of high speed production;

Our Service

Pre-Sales Service

Pre-Sales Service
* Inquiry and technical consulting support
* View our Factory to inspect machine quality and factory facilities
* End-user factory visiting available also

After-Sales Service

* Engineers available to service machinery overseas; to install the machine and train how to operate 
* Continued technical support and guide 
* Spare parts support

Packing & Delivery
Packaging Details
Standardl package is soft film and protected with thick sponge.

All machine will be fasten with steel wire to ensure the safety during that long sea transportation.

Plywood case packing is also can be provided as per customer requirements.
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