Application and classification of industrial hose

Industrial threaded hose: mainly made of stainless steel, copper and other metallic material, divided into two single-clasp and double buckle structure, primarily used for sensing circuit protection.
PVC polyvinyl chloride. Chemical resistance, light weight, anti-dyeing, flatulence, weakness is aging.
PUR poly-ester. Chemical resistance, light weight, good resistance to abrasion.
NR natural rubber. Flexible, frost-resistant, wear-resistant, tear resistant, diluted acid resistance, water resistance to low temperature and alcohol, the disadvantage is that the chemical resistance of the weak.
SBR SBR. Air resistance compound, resistant to water, ethylene glycol, the disadvantage is that the chemical resistance of the weak.
EPDM EPDM rubber. Heat, steam, ozone-UV and chemical resistance.
Nitrile NBR butadiene acrylonitrile copolymers. Resistant to mineral oil products, grease and fuel, resistance to low temperature and low concentration of inorganic acids.
CR neoprene polymer/rubber. Chemical resistance, aging resistance against ozone and UV-resistance, fire resistance.
SI silicone rubber. Resistant to heat, cold, ozone ageing and tasteless. Disadvantage is the high cost.
UPE/XLPE cross linked polyethylene. Good chemical resistance, oxidation resistance and stability. Disadvantage is that permeability is weak.