Belling machine how to care and maintenance

1, the class should check the water, oil, and gas line for leaks.
2, clean the belling machine in each class.
3, all the lifting screw, guide bushings, Guide bar, chain, sprockets raises grease once a week.
4, all the worm gear speed reducer for oil once a year.
5 once a year and clean the fuel tank to dredge, hydraulic oil piping.
6, incrustation of cooling water pipes within the wall, external corrosion rust. Maintenance should be done carefully, too much scale can clog pipes, not up to the cooling effect, rust severely leaking, so care must be taken in addition to scaling and corrosion protection cooling measures.
7, each year a comprehensive overhaul of the machine regularly, disintegration of the machines need inspection, measurement, identification of main parts for wear, replace the wear limits prescribed parts, repair damaged parts.
8, designate a person responsible for maintenance. Every time maintenance and repair to keep detailed records and be included in plant equipment management file.