Characteristics of plastic reinforced hose

Plastic hoses, also known as corrugated hose, spiral hoses. Most is made of hard PVC plastic skeleton, wall made of wear-resistant PU or PVC material, unified price and performance.
Plastic hose, wall generally consists mainly of PU material, smooth on the inside wall, so that the flow of material in the hose smoothly and has exceptional wear-resistance characteristics. Bends are large, even in a low-temperature environment can also maintain good flexibility. And now the plastic hose is basically do not contain phthalates, and do not use a metal reinforced so the hose can be safely used in food and pharmaceutical industries, and can also use the standard operating procedures for disinfection. Actual application in the regardless of is PU also is PVC plastic reinforced hose, are has light, and heavy, and super heavy of points, to adapted different material conveying of requirements, specific can applies Yu food processing, and pharmaceutical, and woodworking industry, and textile industrial, and ceramic industry, and mining industry,, conveying wear sex of material, can meet high wear degrees, and high substantial degrees and high soft degrees of using requirements.