Cold and hot water pex-al-pipe Machine Price (overlap type)

Product Details of PEX-AL-PEX Pipe Machine   

Item: cold water pex-al-pex pipe (over type)
Specification: 1216/1620/2026/2632
Aluminium thickness: 0.18/0.21mm/0.25mm

Overlap Welding PEX-AL-PEX/PERT-AL-PERT/PPR-AL-PPR Pipe Extrusion Machine

This plastic pipe extrusion line is used to manufacture PEX-AL-PEX, PERT-AL-PERT, PPR-AL-PPR, PE-ALPE pipes. 

This kind of composite pipes have some good characteristics, such as no deformation under high temperature and pressure in long time; excellent oxygen resistance, high mechanical properties, sanitary, corrosion resistance, long termal conductivity, long life span etc. It's suitable for building systems in hot and cold water, floor heating ystem and air conditioning system.

Main Features

1) Professional with composite pipe extrusion machinery, with advanced technology and plenty practical experience.

2) Ultrasonic welding technology for aluminum pipe welding, with firm and even welding seam.

3) Al pipe forming mold and co-extrusion die head mold are further optimized based on our years' experience and manufactured by precise CNC machine, greatly increasing the pipe forming accuracy and speed.

4) SIMENS programmable PLC control with big color touch screen. Having multi-point close-loop control and synchronous system, with ensure the easy and reliable operation of the line

Produced Pipes