Inlaid Cylindrical (round) Emitter Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Line

Round Drip Irrigation Pipe  Production Line

 Basic Information for drip irrigation pipe machine                                                                                                       

  • Model NO.:KD-DG

  • Type:PP Film Blowing Machine

  • Raw Material:LLDPE,mixing some HDPE materials

  • Screw Diameter:60mm/45mm/65mm

  • Automation:Automatic

  • Computerized: Siemens Computerized

  • Machine Weight:8T

  • Certification:CE, ISO9001:2008, SGS, UL, QS, GMP

Product Description of Drip Irrigation pipe extrusion line                                                                                           
  • Emitter automatic identification device
  • Emitter automatic transport device
  •  Extruder
  • Vaccum sizing device
  • Cooling device
  •  Caterpillar-tractor
  • Punching and detect device
  •  Double Working Position Coiler 
  •  Siemens PLC Control System 

    Technical Specification for this Drip Irrigation Pipe Machine                                                                           

    Suitable dripper modePC dripper or Non-PC dripper
    Suitable dripper length30-75mm
    PIPE THICKNESS0.5-1.2mm
    Suitable work pressure0.1-0.32MPa
    Dripper Spacing100mm
    Production speed60m/min, dripper spacing 300mm
    Dripper identifying speed400 pc/ min
    Punching speed400 times/min     
    Punching hole Number2holes
    Punching rotating speed60,000 r/min
    Haul-off speed100 m/min
    Coiling speed120 m/min
    Package100-600m per roll(f16mm)
    Nominal power131KW/h
    Actual power72-79KW/h

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