Metal hose

Metal hose is an important connection component in engineering and technology, corrugated flexible pipe, nets and joint combined together. In a variety of gas, fluids piping systems as well as length, temperature, location and angle compensation systems as components, sealing elements, connecting elements and damping components, applied to the aerospace, petrochemical, mining and electronics, machinery and shipbuilding, textile electronics, energy, construction, health, and other fields. Today to briefly touch the metal hose's main role in the practical application.
In complex piping systems, often occurs due to the limitation of spatial conditions, result in installation difficulties: molding tube won't go up; bend past, is coming, make do with pipes, will inevitably produce local cold straightening. According to the specific tube sizes and different cold-calibration weight from a few millimeters to dozens of mm, and some hundreds of millimeters. Practice has proved that the larger, higher stress, stress of the residue in the piping system installation, no doubt is a great hidden income.