PEX-b pipe making machine, High speed crosslinked pipe extruison line

PEXB Pipe Making Machine is used to produce Crosslinked PE pipe, which is mainly applicated for Floor heating system and hot water supply system. The Pipe Diameter :16mm-32mm

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1. Technical Data


Line ModelScrew DiameterL/DProduction ScopeProduction SpeedNominal Power


2. PEX-B Pipe Production Line Features

-Pressure-Storage Reaction Die Head 
(1) Special designed pressure-storage reaction type die head of this pex-b pipe line has overcome the stress orientation of polymer molecular chain during the pipe formatting.
(2) Realizing the constant pressure extrusion of the pipe. The stability of extrusion pressure is the essential condition for high speed production.

-Vacuum Calibrators
(1)Patented vacuum calibrators are special designed multi-sheet water bath type,
(2) Realize the even and effective calibrating & cooling effects.

PEX-B Pipe Making Machine (3Layers EVOH Pipe Extrusion Line)

-Haul-off Machine
(1) The pex-b pipe machine adopts multi-group roller clamping type belt haul-off machine, with high & stable pulling speed
(2) Completely overcomes the vibration or slipping problem of traditional rubber block haul-off machine.

-PLC Control System 
The PEX-B pipe making machine adopts original imported new generation PLC control system which ensures the high speed synchronous control and reliable operating of the whole production line.


3. Manufactured pipe

PEX-B Pipe Making Machine (3Layers EVOH Pipe Extrusion Line)





4. Photos of Our factory Workshop

PEX-B Pipe Making Machine (3Layers EVOH Pipe Extrusion Line)


Company Information

Located in Weifang city,Shandong Province, Kaide Plastics Machinery Co.,ltd has more than 20 years’ experience of plastics pipe extrusion machinery, especially for high speed pipe production line and composite pipe production line.

Our main products are: High speed drip irrigation tape line, high speed PPR/PERT/HDPE pipe line, Five layers AL-plastic pipe line, Multi-layer EVOH/PERT/PEXA/PEXB pipe line, high precision medical catheter line, etc

Warmly welcome to visit our factory, we are near to Qingdao city, two hours from away from Shanghai, one hours away from Beijing. 


PEX-B Pipe Making Machine (3Layers EVOH Pipe Extrusion Line)

PEX-B Pipe Making Machine (3Layers EVOH Pipe Extrusion Line)