Plastic machinery industry in China still has large market space

Plastic machinery industry in China's rising international influence, increased capacity against trade protectionism, manufacturing skills and overall strength further enhanced, therefore, my favorable conditions for extrusion industry in terms of export. Due to our extrusion products closely associated with strategic new industries, has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance, exports to developed countries mainly in the low end, this part of the rigid consumer demand, therefore, extrusion industry still has a large market space.

Domestically, China is still in the industrialization, informationalization and urbanization, marketization and internationalization development stage, is still in an important period of strategic opportunities for development, which will provide the extrusion industry with an inexhaustible driving force for development. Finally, the international markets pick up, brought confidence to the extruder companies.

Extrusion machine is plastic mechanical industry in the most main of varieties one of, extrusion machine accounted for plastic mechanical gross of 31%, extrusion equipment with its clear of function, on has special capacity of large process process has decisive of contribution, China plastic mechanical enterprise in recent years increased has on extrusion machine emerging market of develop, brand visibility further expanded, market competitiveness further improve, on emerging national export share also will was upgrade. At present, the plastic extrusion machine orders picked up sharply, exports grew steadily.