PPR Pipe Making Mahcine, Glassfiber PPR Pipe Extrusion Machine with best price

The production line to produce 4 layers PPR-GF-PPR pipe, also can be used to produce singly layer PPR pipe, 3 layers Glassfiber PPR pipe. 

                                                       MODEL FOR PPR GLASSFIBER PPR PIPE PRODUCTION LINE
Line Model
Screw diameter
L/D ratio
Production Scope
Production Speed

Gravimeter System
High precise Gravimeter control system of is applied in this glassfiber PPR pipe production line.
(1)It is used for measuring & calculating and precise control of pipe weight per meter and its extrusion output, to realize the constancy of pipe weight.
(2)The application of this system can shorten the start-up time, improve the produced pipe quality, and save raw material.
Co-extrusion die head
(1)Patented specially designed adjustable co-extrusion die head, can ensure even thickness of three layers,
(2)Each layer thickness can be adjusted freely; no need to adjust the extruder’s rotating speed.
Haul-off machine 
(1)The haul-off machine adopts structure of high speed multi-group roller clamping type.
(2) Completely overcomes the vibration & skip problems in the traditional mode, ensuring high-speed stable pulling.
PE Anti-UV Layer Extruder
(1)PE Layer thickness about 0.6mm-0.8mm, this PE Anti-UV layer extruder is specially designed for PE raw materials extruded

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