The usage characteristics of ventilation pipes

(1) air, including ventilation, such as delivering fresh air and exhaust, this range is very wide, such as factory, production area air, due to the harmful gases needed to vent outdoors, and transportation needs of outdoor air to the Interior. Then we must use large flow and low pressure air pipe, typically using galvanized iron pipes, corrosive and humid places of special use stainless steel tube.
(2) the Cabinet, central air conditioning is the most common pipes, the pipes need insulating material.
(3) smoke, hotels, restaurants, hotel kitchens have a lot of smoke, and needed to vent, use the round chimney duct is oil.
(4) the dust removal. Some dust in the factory workshop, special dust removal devices are required.
(5) in bulk material handling. Some factory production process, the need to transport loose particles.
Outstanding features:
(1) good sealing.
(2) the strength and rigidity are good.
(3) ventilation resistance, ventilation and low noise, the tube is superior to the square tube.
(4) easy to install, fewer connection points.