Where to buy the reliable PPR Pipe Making Machine with high speed, top quality

glassfiber PP-R hose production line 

  • 3 layers PPR-GF-PPR pipe line of 28m/min speed

  • Siemens PLC computer control

  • Pipe diameter:20mm-63mm;75-160mm

  • Speed:28m/min

1.General Introduction

glassfiber PP-R hose production line

  • 1)Our factory are the birthplace of China's first high speed plastic pipe production line!

  • 2)We are most professional multilayer composite pipe extrusion machine manufacture!

  • 3)Our ppr-gf-ppr pipe extrusion making machine has been exported to Russia,Ukraine,Iran,Algeria etc!And it has enjoyed great reputation for our higher machine quality and better service!

  • 4)For the core technology of high speed PPR pipe machine,we have gained 5 National patents.

2. Technical Data

1Production scope    20mm-63mm
2Production speed     28m/min
3Inverter        ABB Brand
4Electric power      380V 50 HZ     
5Water supply temperature           5-15℃
6Air pressure required         ≥0.6Mpa
7Production Line Size       42m×3m×3.5m
8Low-voltage apparatus         Schneilder Brand 
9Nominal Power               271KW
10Actual power            149-163KW

3. Compositions

  • PPR Extruder

  • Glassfiber Extruder

  • Marking line Extruder

  • Die head mould

  • Vacuum calibrating stand

  • Water cooling flume

  • Pulling machine

  • Cutting machine

  • PLC computer

4. fiberglass PPR pipe extruding procession

glassfiber PP-R hose production line

5.Manufactured Pipe:PPR-GF-PPR pipe


Our company is a factory special in manufacturing Plasric Pipe Extrusion Machine,especially:

  • 1)high speed plastic pipe making machine

  • 2)composite mutilayer plastic pipe making machine.

7.Chinaplas Exhibition

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