PE Foam Insulation Composite Pipe Machine
PE Foam Insulation Composite Pipe Machine
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PE Foam Insulation Composite Pipe Production Line


This PE Foam Insulation Pipe Production line is the New Generation machinery developed by KAIDE, basing on 20 years’ experience and technology accumulation, which represents the leading technology in China. It is one step process to combine the core pipe, extrusion foam layer, and skin layer protection pipe on one machine, completely solve the traditional situation of low efficiency by manual inserting.

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This one step PE Foam Insulated Pipe Machine adopts high efficient patented PO series Screw and barrel, the foam agent is injected by high pressure high precision ram pump then physical foaming, equipped with on line air-cooled fans.

 Die Head

Two Layers Co-Extrusion die head is applied in this PE Foam Insulation Pipe Production Machine, this die head structure can be designed according to different inner core pipe, such as PEX-b/PE-RT/PAP/PPR, etc.

The coated PE insulation and skin layer pipe is produced one step.

Foam layer wall thickness can be adjustable online, according to different requirements.

 PLC System

The production line to make PE Foam Coating pipe adopts original new generation Siemens PLC control system.

Adopting Multi-point closed loop control system, ensuring high speed synchronous control and reliable operating.

It can realize remote control function for overseas client.

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      ● Advantages of the PE Insulation Foam Pipe

The core pipe adopts PEX,PPR,PERT, vacuum forming, with small internal stress, high temperature resistance, suitable for cold/water transporting.

PE Foam Insulation layer takes Polyethylene based inert material, highly resistant to chemicals, recyclable, flexible low weight, easy to slip and install. Low thermal conductivity. There is crust layer between the core pipe and foaming layer, not loosen, no water seepage, excellent heating preservation performance, anti freeze and anti humidity.

Outer protection layer takes frequently-use communication cable materials. With features of high performance of anti-aging, anti-UV, long life span.


 Application of the Pipe

Indoor/Outer door water supply system, hot water pipe, purifier pipe system.

Solar water heating system, Central air conditioner pipeline system, Ground radiation heating system.

Air energy hot pump pipe system for hospital, school, hotel, apartment, etc.

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Kaide Machinery is one of the well-known PE Foam Insulation Composite Pipe Machine manufacturers in China, and you are surely worth having one. Welcome to wholesale PE Foam Insulation Composite Pipe Machine at competitive price from our factory.