20~160mm PPR Water Pipe Plastic Machine

20~160mm PPR Water Pipe Plastic Machine Basic Info

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Product Description

1. The machine adopts DC/AC motor, and Eurotherm DC/AC digital converter and high efficiency screw to ensure high efficiency extrusion.
2. This production line adapts basket type composite die head, which ensures not only the uniformity of high speed extrusion but also the stable performance of tubular goods.
3. This production line adopts high efficiency double chamber vacuum calibrating technology and spray cooling bath to improve the rate of finished products of tubular goods and meet the demand of high-speed production. The vacuum bath and cooling bath adopt stainless steel.
4. This production line adopts multi-caterpillar haul-off and ensures the synchronization.
5. The cutting machine adopts special saw blade with low noise, equipped with chip collector.
6. The whole line adopts PLC control system and large liquid crystal screen, which makes the operation very convenient.
20~160mm PPR water pipe plastic machine Applications:
20~160mm PPR water pipe plastic machine is mainly used in the production of water supply and drainage pipes , which used for agriculture and construction , cable coating and other fields , the complete line is consisted of extruder , vacuum calibrator , hauling machine ,cutter and tipping rack , hauling machine unit has come ways of hauling , such as caterpillar type, three-claw type , four-claw type , six-claw type and so on . there are also knife-lifting cutter and planetary cutter
With this extrusion line you can produce high quality water supply and gas supply pipes with excellent hardness and flexibility.