4 Layers PPR-GF-PPR Pipe with ANTI-UV PE Layer Making Machinery

The production line to produce 4 layers PPR-GF-PPR pipe was finished and successfully tested in Kaide's workshop. This line also can be used to produce singly layer PPR pipe, 3 layers Glassfiber PPR pipe. 

What is the four layers refer:

① The outer layer is PE Anti-UV layer with thickness 0.6mm-0.8mm

② The second layer is PPR layer

③ The third layer is glassfiber layer

④ The forth layer is PPR layer .

This special 4 layers fiber reinforced PPR pipe is mostly suitable for high temperature hot water transporting in outdoors , and the PE Anti-UV layer can lengthen the lifespan of the pipe, resistance the ultraviolet rays, with wide application in the areas with strong sunlight and solarization. 

This proved again KAIDE is the most professional manufacturer of Mutilayer Composite plastics pipe making machine, who has the rich experience in:

-Two layers pipe machine(PE silicone core pipe machine, medical tube pipe machine),

-Three layers pipe machine(PPR-GF-PPR pipe machine,EVOH pipe composite pipe machine, Composite drip irrigation pipe machine, HDPE pipe machine,etc),

-Four layers pipe machine, such this PPR-GF-PPR pipe line with Anti UV PE Layer

-Five layers pipe machine (pex-al-pex pipe machine, ppr-al-ppr pipe machine, pert-al-pert pipe machine, Evoh-pert pipe line, Evoh-pexb pipe line,etc)

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