Application Of Anti-static Hose

We often said of anti-electrostatic hose usually for has electrostatic of pumping sucking occasions, elimination for mill wipe caused of electrostatic, special applies Yu wear sex of solid, as dust, powder, fiber, debris and granular real; for gaseous and liquid media, industrial dust and pumping sucking, industrial vacuum sucking dust device, paper or fabric fiber pumping sucking, as anti-wear anti-electrostatic protection tube.
Because of solid and liquid materials through non-conductive pipe when static electricity accumulation occurs as a result of material and pipe wall friction and friction between the media. Main hazards:
Discharge can ignite explosion
1, (sexual) gas, vapour, mist and powder mixture
2, through body discharges, cause electric shock, resulting in unpredictable dangers
3, disruption of operations, cause media stuck the hose wall
4, measuring device and controller failure