Carpentry Suction Tube Features

Woodworking sucking dust tube common for conveying has wear force of solid as dust, and powder, and fiber, and chip tablets and particles, like woodworking mechanical Shang of pumping sucking sawdust and the dust powder of impurities; addition except with in woodworking mechanical equipment Shang, General also available in dust and the draw type plant, food processing industry, and pharmaceutical industry, and sweep road car, to; gas environment can for oil and gas or welding smoke, emissions.
Woodworking sucking dust tube General used quality of polyurethane manufacturing, built-in spiral silk full to package covered Yu tube wall, resistance temperature General in -40C ° ~90C ° Zhijian, usually not only has resistance wear, and antistatic, and flame retardant of good characteristics, also has good of resistance oil, and resistance gasoline, and resistance chemical performance; in not special coloring of situation Xia hose itself General is transparent of, so can saw material of flow; hose in the has spiral silk enhanced by pressure Hou still can recovery undisturbed, also has excellent of anti-pressure performance. Also like to promise sharp company specifically for the removal of wood chips and debris and the design of a hose, corrosion-resistant wood and wood preservatives.