Characteristics Of High Pressure Hoses

High pressure hose, high pressure flexible pipes. Widely used in industrial production and daily life. High pressure hoses are divided into: fiber-reinforced polyurethane hose, fiber-reinforced nylon hose, wire-reinforced polyurethane hose, wire-reinforced nylon resin hose hose, wire wound, and so on. Below to find out two polyurethane high-pressure hoses.
Fiber reinforced polyurethane hose
Structure: the inner core of polyurethane (PU) reinforced layers: fabric outer skin: polyurethane (PU)
Features: sleek, small bending radius
Properties: high strength, high modulus, high elasticity and tear resistance, solvent resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance, and both rubber and plastic properties. His overall diameter, bending radius and mass, is the same inside diameter rubber tube 1/2-1/3, which is perfect for process design and manual installation.
Uses: mainly used in machine tools, automobiles, engineering machinery, high pressure hoses, brakes on the motorcycle oil and petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy and other industrial automation line of pneumatic instruments, and so on.