Choose Which Kind Of Pipe For Floor Heating ? Pex-al-pex Pipe Is Recommended

pex/glue/al/glue/pex pipe machine with best price 

Machine to make pex/al/pex pipe in overlapped welding

Floor heating pex pipe extruder 16mm-32mm

ppr multilayer pipe making line 16mm-32mm

1. Ultrasonic Overlap-welding Multi-layer Composite Pipe Extrusion Line

pex/al/pex composite tube production machine


Basic Technical info

Line modelExtruderL/DProduction scopeProduction SpeedTotal Power
SJ-50SJ-50/45/30 33/30/25/:116-63mm1-12m/min120KW



Multi-Layer Composite Pipe Application    1-Hot/cold -water pipe, 2-floor-heating pipe

pex/glue/al/glue/pex pipe machine with best price

The material of basic layer can be PE, PEX,PERT,PPR etc.

Different extruder for different material, and different pipe for different usage.

Any question about this machine, let us know freely. 

 pex/glue/al/glue/pex pipe machine with best price

 Pipe Advantage:


1)  Resistance to high temperture, pressure and static electric.Frame proofed.

2)  Anti-corrosion, low flow noise

3)  Service life of over 50 years

4)  Clean, sanitary, safe

6)  Anti-freeze, anti-knock

7)  Flexible and no rebounding

8)  Light weight, easily transport and storage

10) Easy to install, wide application


Live photo of the workshop

pex/glue/al/glue/pex pipe machine with best price



KAIDE company is a factory special in manufacturing Plasric Pipe Extrusion Machine,

Main Machinery including:


PPR/ Glass-fiber reinforced PPR  Pipe Extrusion Line

PE/ PERT/ PEX-b Pipe Extrusion Line

PB/PU Pipe Extrusion Line

PE/ HDPE Pipe EXtrusion Line

EVOH Oxygen Barrier Pipe Extrusion Line

PVC Braided Hose Extrusion Line

PA/PE/PVC Corrugate Pipe Extrusion Line



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