Classification Of The Plastic Corrugated Pipe

Plastic corrugated pipe, color variety, beautiful, lightweight, and durable, and are widely used in all walks of life, replacing the original metal sheathing products, becoming a wiring harness jacket are used on the product.
Plastic corrugated pipe in two kinds, one is completely airtight, watertight, such as propellant for launch vehicle transportation, gas, water heater with continuous winding is another common bellows used to protect cable winding, such as magnetic card phone machines, machine tools, and corrugated pipe is in the process of production of lamp clip into wire.
Classification of press forming
⑴ hydroforming is the most commonly used bellows bellows hydraulic forming method. Using fluid pressure in the tube, is bulging in the tube in the limiting ring until appears along the ring to yield, then the compression of tube to the desired length. The use of this method of small diameter corrugated pipe.
B rolling roll forming process of the bellows is mainly used for processing large bellows, is relying on the set in rolling of tube forming round, single wave rolling forming device into several circles.
⑶ machinery bulge internal expansion bellows used in tube jigs, one-by-one expansion into ripples, after initial forming and using pressure rollers fine custom.
D welding bellows for wave height or wave special bellows, the use of stamping and welding processes. When waves are high when they exceed the limit, elongation of material does not allow use of the whole process, or wave complex, integral formation is extremely difficult when the use of welding. This type of bellows due to unbearable pressure, not very suitable for expansion joints flexible.