Drip Irrigation Tape Machine With PC Drippers

High Speed Flat Drip Irrigation Tape Machine

KAIDE Drip irrigation pipe machine can manufacture the irrigation tape with thickness 0.15mm-1.1mm. The stable line speed is 180m/min. 

Features of KAIDE Machine

 (1) HIGH SPEED: We are the highest speed production line in China, the stable production speed 150m/min, the maximum speed:180m/min. 

 (2) EASY TO OPERATE: Use the most advanced Simens PLC control system,which can achieve the synchronous control of the the whole line; Fully automatically pipe coiling machine, automatic to change the coil.

 (3)STABLE PRODUCTION:Adopt the world famous brand, such as ABB inverter, Schneilder Electric apparatus, Simens servo motor and PLC.We have more than 20 years experience, each parts of the line are manufacture by ourselves,to be sure of the precision and good quality control.

 (4)HIGH PRECISION :Punching unit adopts visual imaging PLC monitoring system, to make sure the high speed punching precision.

 (5) SAVE COST :High speed improve the production efficiency; automatically function save the human being cost; Thinner Pipe Thickness:0.15mm, can save raw materials cost. 

 (6) GOOD APPERANCE:  With Brushed Stainless Steel Vacuum tank & cooling tank, not rustiness, good looks.

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