Five Layers PE-EVOH-PE Pipe Production Line

Five Layers PE/EVOH Pipe Production Line Finished


◎ Pipe Inner Diameter /Outer Diameter


 ID4.0×OD8.0 mm

 ID3.0×OD4.75 mm

 ID4.5×OD7.5 mm

 ID3.8×OD6.8 mm


Kaide Plastics Machinery Co.,ltd just finished the production line to produce 5 layers PE-GLUE-EVOH-GLUE-PE pipe for drinking water transporting, with high tolerance, little pipe diameter, as straw pipe in the fields of food industry. 

Plenty of advanced technology was applicated in this production line, it is the new milestone of the researching for EVOH materials extrusion and composite pipe manufacturing.  


PE-EVOH-PE Pipe Machine (5 Layers)

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