Food-grade Silicone Hoses And The Different Characteristics Of Polyurethane Hose

Food-grade silicone hose linear polymer elastomer containing Silicon-oxygen bond, which has a very high thermal stability. And has excellent resistance to ozone aging, aging, photoaging and aging properties, and has excellent electrical insulating properties, mildew and highly breathable properties. Silicone rubber than plastic resistant to cold-heat, remain unchanged at between lingxia70sheshidu and lingshang260sheshidu characteristics. Can be used for medical, industrial ovens, food industry material handling.
Food-grade polyurethane hose using a special polyether polyurethane material, and similar to other thermoplastic elastomers, polyurethane hose with good elasticity, melting process compared with other elastomers and hard plastic, good abrasion resistance rubber 2.5 to 5 times, better than the soft PVC 3 to 4 times. Special companies like Novo acute food-grade polyurethane hose, in addition to the strong resistance, in addition to special advantages, such as NORRES PROTAPE ® hoses is very soft, compressible and lightweight.