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Drip Irrigation Pipe--Conserve Water & Save Money For You!
At present, with the improvement of people’s water saving awareness, also lots of governments strongly support the agriculture water saving irrigation, especially in the arid area, drip irrigation pipe becomes more and more popular. The main reason is: Conserve Water & Save Money For You!

drip irrigaiton pipe making machine

Comparision of Traditional Irrigation and Drip Irrigation


Traditional Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

Water use

need much water, low use ratio

high water use ratio, up to 95%


big fertilization area

precision fertilization, avoid waste, increase efficiency to a time above


full-way tracing irrigation, labor waste

Manual or auto control by valve, save labor

Air and Soil humidity

high humidity leads to plant diseases and insect pests  

micro-irrigation, much surface of soil keep dry,decrease the humidity

Ground temperaturelower too quickly, higher too slowlykeep the ground temperature

Soil structure

Soil hardening,aeration performance decrease, need loosen in time

Keep the soil structure, form a appropriate environment of soil, fertilizer and temperature.

From above, you could find some advantages of drip irrigation pipe:
1) Water saving, Fertilizer saving, Labor saving
2) More precisely control the temperature and humidity
3) Keep the soil structure
4) Increase production and efficiency

KAIDE company comply with current irrigation situation, provide new generation inline flat drip irrigation tape making machine and inline round drip irrigation pipe making machine, which have been sold at home and abroad.


Round drip irrigation pipe making machine/production line

Flat drip irrigaiton tape making machine/production line

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