HDPE Pipe Machine Finished For Europe Company

The machine manufactured for Europe company has successfully finished. This is 3 Layers HDPE Pipe Production Line, with China highest production line speed of PE pipe production . Here below some photos for your reference:

1. High efficient HDPE Extruders.

2. Composite Specially Structure Die Head Moulds 

3. Vacuum Tank, with Specially Surface Treatment, Never Rusty 

4. Double Working Position Coiler Machine 


The stable line speed for this machine is 30m/min.

KAIDE factory is the birthplace of the first high speed production line in China.

This line also can be used as PPR pipe making machine, PPR glassfiber PPR pipe making machine. KAIDE has got the solution of: smaller diameter high speed production, Large diameter pipe stable production, on one same lines. It is the unique technology only mastered by KAIDE company in China.  

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