HDPE Pipe Silicone Core Pipe Machine(Microducts Pipe Lines)

HDPE silicon pipe making machine
About HDPE silicon pipe
HDPE Silicone Core Pipe is the most advanced telecommunication optical fiber (cable) sheathing tube (sleeve). It is made from the commonly extruding compound of special HDPE material and Silicone master batch.

This special telecom duct pipe is a co-extruded pipe with a very low coefficient of friction.

Raw Material
HDPE, a definite proportion of silicon lubricant, color masterbatch:
The outer layer is 100 percent HDPE with coloured master batch. 

The inner layer constitutes HDPE and Silicone master batch.

Following are the characteristic after adding Silicone Master Batch.

1)Its inner wall Silicone core layer is slide with permanence lubricant.
2)Its inner wall Silicone core layer is extruded into the inside of pipe wall by synchronization, distributed uniformly in the whole inner wall, the Silicone core layer has the same physical and mechanical performance as the HDPE: no peel, no separation.
3)Its inner Silicone core friction performance is not changed, the cable can be drawn out in the pipe again and again.
4)Its inner wall Silicone core layer is not dissolved in the water. If the ordure comes into pipe, you can wash pipe by water so as to avoid the damage of that the rodent.

HDPE silicon pipe production line structure
Extruder for HDPE outer layer 
Extruder for HDPE Mix Silicon lubricant inner layer 
Extruder for Mark line
Multilayer Co-extrusion die head
Vacuum calibrating tank
Cooling tank
Haul off machine
Pipe cutting machine
Pipe coiling machine 

KAIDE HDPE silicon pipe production line technology features:
1)Special designed Co-extrusion die head  No dead corner in every angle of 360 degree, precisely machined with high assembling accuracy, ensure the produced pipe inner wall smooth, low surface friction co-efficient. 
2)Each mechanical parts is produced by advanced CNC machining center, with high precision production and assembling.
3)Accurate temperature control the pipe cooling
4)Haul off machine speed highly match with the whole HDPE silicon pipe extrusion speed.
5)Advanced Siemens PLC control system, exactly control different melt material plasticizing temperature.

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