Multi-holes Round Drip Irrigation Pipe Making Machine

This round drip irrigation pipe machine can produce drip irrigation pipe, with 2 holes, 4 holes ,6 holes.

Specification of the round drip irrigation pipe:

(1) Pipe Diameter: 6mm,8mm,12mm,16mm,20mm

(2) Pipe Thickness: 0.5mm,0.7mm,0.8mm,1.0mm,1.1mm,1.2mm

(3) Dripper Distance:10cm, 15cm,20cm,30cm,50cm,100cm

(4) Flow Rate:1.0L/H, 1.4L/H, 2L/H, 4L/H, 8L/H

(5) Hole Quantity: 2 holes, 4 holes, 6 holes 

Multi-holes round drip irrigation pipe has the benefit of anti-clogging property,

If 1-2 holes are blocked by the imprurities and particles from the soil or the water, the other leaving 2/4 holes can continue to keep the water flowing, not influence the dripper flow rate.

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