PEX Pipe-The Application In Bathroom Shower System

Why it use Pex Pipe ?

PEX(cross-linked) is the biggest revolution in pluming since the flush toilet, it has more benefits as below:

* PEX pipe is cheaper than copper tube;

* PEX is easy to install than copper;

* PEX pipe belongs to plastics, it will never rust or corrode like as copper, it is unaffected by acidic water, but copper will.

* PEX is also than CPVC, PEX does not require the glue, and it has high heat/cold resistance performance, not easy to burst if it freezes, further more, pex is much more flexible in long lengths.

What is The Common Pex Pipe Size?

Below size for reference (or customerized size)

No.           Pipe Specification                            
1 6.0mm*8.2mm
2 7.5mm*10.5mm
3 8mm*11mm
4 8.5mm*12mm
5 11.5mm*13.5mm

China Pex Pipe Line Leader--KAIDE

KAIDE can provide PEX-A Pipe MachinePEX-B Pipe Machine.

Since 1998 year, KAIDE has started to research the technology of PEX raw materials , who is the earliest one who successfully manufactured the first high speed pex pipe machine in China .

Afer some modifiction of this line, it also can be used to produce Oxygen Barrier EVOH/PEXpipe, specically for floor heating system .