PPR-Al-PPR Composite Pipe

PPR-AL-PPR Composite Pipe

  • Pipe performance

  • Greatly reduced linear expansion coefficient, which is close to that of the stable composite pipes.
  • Higher strength and stability of dimension.
  • Greatly improved resistant to pressure, it can bear 25% more pressure load than PP-R under the same service condition.
  • Improved resistant to impulse under low temperature.
  • Socket fusion connection with PP-R fittings, credible and convenient.
  • Smooth and sanitary, being good selection for drinkable water system.
  • Diameter:20mm-63mm PN20/PN25

The Machine to manufacture PPR-AL-PPR Pipe 

  •  Aluminum Tape Uncoiler ;

  •  Aluminum Tape Storage Machine;

  •  Aluminum Tape Connecting welder;

  •  Aluminum Pipe Forming machine;

  •  Inner Layer PPR Extruder;

  •  Inner Layer Glue Extruder;

  •  Inner Layer Die Head;

  • Outer Layer PPR Extruder

  • Outer Layer Glue Extruder

  • Outer Layer Die head;

  • Cooling Flume

  • Haul-off Machine

  • Pipe Stacker 


1Place                                                indoors

2Temperature                                    0-45℃

3Humidity level                                   85% without condensation

4Power line                                        3 Phase 4 Wire

5Production line :                               (L X W XH) 35m x 3.5 m x 2.5m  

6Container quantity :                         1 set of 40" container          

7Rated installation power                 161kw/h

8The actual power consumption:     88-95KW/h

Aluminum PPR Pipe Production Line