The Difference Between PVC And PU Hose

PVC and PU hoses are two very common production material, in all walks of life have been widely used. But both the specific performance of the hose there is a big difference, the following are the main three points:
1, and temperature are not the same, ordinary PVC hoses the highest resistant temperature of 65 ° c, and PU hose high and temperature up to 90 ° c.
2, wear-resistant properties of different, more wear-resistant PU material hose, suction particles is large and high-wear materials, PVC hose life is very short.
3, wire hose, for, the same wall thickness, the same wire spacing, more soft PU material, PVC is relatively hard, unless the amount of plasticizer in PVC adding a lot. Plasticizers make PVC soft is an additive, but the current content of plasticizer in food standards, there are strict requirements, so a soft PVC, plasticizer content is not in line with the requirements of environmental protection.