What Effect The Drip Irrigation System Water Flow Evenness ?

What affect the the drip irrigation system water flow evenness?

To ensure the agriculture crops high yield and high quality, KAIDE company think the water flow evenness is very important. Some influencing factors for the water flow uniformity as below:

Dripper produced: The key issue is the single dripper water flow uniform, which will be reflected by manufacturer deviation CV(Coefficient of variation). The CV value stand for the manufacturing precision. The CV smaller, single dripper water flow more even.

The sensitivity of dripper flow to pressure change: flow index, generally on the ground, the beginning of pipe pressure high, pipe laying further pressure more lower. If sensitivity high, laying pipe further, the water flow smaller, then affect the crop yield and quality.

The dipper water flow and working pressure relationship as below:


Q:Dripper water flow (L/H)

H: Working pressure

KWater flow parameter

Xflow index

Flow index X: Stand for the sensitivity of dripper flow to pressure change  

1) When dripper water flow is full laminar flow, the flow index X=1, that is water flow is directly proportional to working pressure.  

2)When dripper water flow is turbulence, the flow index X=0.5

If flow index X=0, that is to say the outlet water flow not influenced by the pressure, the status is full Pressure compensation state. Other type flow index X would change between 0 and 1.0

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