20mm-110mm HDPE Pipe Making Machine
20mm-110mm HDPE Pipe Making Machine
Product Details

Kaide Machinery is one of the well-known 20mm-110mm hdpe pipe making machine manufacturers in China, and you are surely worth having one. Welcome to wholesale 20mm-110mm hdpe pipe making machine at competitive price from our factory.

This HDPE Pipe Machine is mainly used to produce HDPE Pipe for water supply system, irrigation system, etc. The customers can request different pressure level as per actual demands. 

◎ HDPE Pipe Line Series

Series Screw Diameter L/D Production Scope Production Speed
High Speed Ф80/65mm 33/36:1
ф20-110mm 30m/min
Normal Speed
Ф65/65mm 33/33:1 ф20-110mm 15m/min

◎ The Extruder of HDPE Pipe Machine

This HDPE pipe line adopts specially designed high efficient five-section type Extruders, the screw and barrel was independently designed by KAIDE company. 

◎ High Precision Die Head Moulds 

→ The HDPE pipe making machine use spiral die head, which ensures the stability of high speed extrusion;

→ Die Head Materials: 40Cr 

→ Pipe Diameter Range: 20mm-110mm 

◎ Specially Designed Downstream Equipment for High Speed PE Pipe Production 

 Patented Calibrators design, the unique technology mastered by KAIDE company, ensuring the high speed pipe forming and stable production. 

→ Most suitable cooling system created the necessary conditions for high speed HDPE pipe production, special surface treatment process for vacuum tank and cooling flume, guranateed the elegant appearance, what's more, it will be never rusty;

→ The Cutting Machine can successfully meet the requirements of high speed production for smaller size, the stable production for bigger size, which is also the key factor for high speed line running.  

 The haul-off device for HDPE Pipe Machine is particullary designed for high speed and stable pipe hauling. 

◎ Manufactured HDPE Pipe

◎ Other Application of this HDPE Pipe Machine

After some modification on this line, it can be used as 

→  Three Layer HDPE Pipe Production line

→  Single Layer PPR Pipe Production Line

→  Three Layer PPR-GF-PPR Pipe Production Line

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